Logo – Image and Position

A good logo image

You can change the entire look and appearance of your website with a good logo image. In fact, as a key position in your website, the time you spend on perfecting your logo image is a good investment. You can even use several logo images - like a seasonal version, with one for summer and one for winter, one for Easter and one for Christmas. After all, variety is the spice of life.

To create the best logo for your website, you need details about the logo position for the template you have chosen.


Template Width
(in pixels)
(in pixels)
Abstract 800 180
Article 800 130
Artistic 800 80
Autumn 573 90
Basic 800 85
Black 800 150
Bokeh 800 200
Brushed 740 100
Bubbles 800 200
Corporate 180 600
Dusk 800 300
Fire 800 100
Glass 800 200
Mirror 700 80
Modern 800 90
Nature 150 150
Nebula 300 50
Online 800 85
Paper 800 300
Parchment 800 200
Photography 150 600
Plasma 800 460
Postcard 800 460
Professional 800 100
Quantity 800 200
Rounded 800 180
Seasonal 800 200
Skate 135 100
Sketches 120 120
Smoke 800 200
Steel 150 600
Stripes 800 80
Sunrise 150 600
Twilight 800 85
Vellum 250 600
Wave 750 80
White 800 150
Zen 800 120

What is the dimension of your logo image?

Here is a table listing the logo position dimensions for the various templates. Click on the template name to see what your logo looks like in the template. The red border shows how big the logo image can become and the red square shows from where the image starts—whether the image goes to the upper right or left corner, or to the middle (if you have a smaller logo image that does not take up the entire position).
Or go to Template Overview to see what the different templates look like and how the logo image positions itself in the template.

Most templates have narrow positions at the very top of the page. Some have square positions and some templates have the logo positions along the left side.

A piece of advice. Do not name images anything that includes the word "banner". There is software that throw out ads and refuse to show images entitled anything with "banner".

If you have a logo image and want the background to be visible through it, or if you don't want the image to fill the entire field, we suggest using a transparent background. This requires a gif or png image format. If you cannot create a transparent background, check out some of the basic logo images I have made for some of the templates.
Get your basic logo image here and start creating your logo image.