Gallery manger

When you add a page with the Image gallery page function,
you will notice a button that looks like this:

Click on it to go to Gallery manager where you can add and delete images in your gallery.

Use drag and drop to arrange the images in the order you want. If you want to add a caption to an image, a border appears around the image and you write the caption in the big text field underneath.


You can choose among several layouts for your image gallery. Click on the CHANGE LAYOUT button, choose which one you like, and then drag the slider to set the number of rows you want to appear on each page.

A piece of advice: If you want the slideshow to start directly when your visitor goes to your image gallery, choose one of the three last layouts where the big image is shown directly on the page. For the other layouts, visitors need only click on the image before the slideshow can begin.

Comment on images

You can also add a comment field to your images so that your visitors can comment on your pictures. Check the Show comment field box and a field will appear under the picture where visitors can write their comments. Comments are then displayed in the order made, with the most recent comment at the top.



You decide how you want the images to transition under the CREATE SLIDESHOW button.
There are two alternative boxes that you can check. The upper box View slideshow buttons when magnified shows the Play and Pause buttons. The lower box Start slideshow automatically causes the slideshow to start as soon as the large version of the image is shown. You can also set the time for how many seconds you want one image to be visible before proceeding to the next.