Can I see who visits my website?

The answer is No.

We often get asked if we can see who made a guestbook entry. We cannot. All we can do is find an IP number which we can give to the police if they request it after you have filed a formal complaint.

There is not much you can do with an IP address. It may lead you to a broadband supplier, but it says nothing about where it goes or to which of their customers. What’s more, computers nowadays do not always have the same IP address since a computer borrows an IP address when it goes online. The next time it goes online, it may well have a completely different number.

Internet is a very anonymous media and it is extremely easy to be incognito if you want. A visit to a website is completely different than if you log in to community. While it is impossible to see precisely who has visited your website, it is possible in a community. Facebook is an example of a community.


Information about the Data Protection Act in the UK and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations can be found at Wikipedia. Different countries have different laws, regulations and consequences.