Editing buttons

Any time you edit your website, you will find a row of buttons at the top. Click on the buttons below for a description of how each one works.


  You will find the number of visitors to your website under the logo. The counter keeps track of when someone hits your site. It is easy to add the visitor counter to your website should you want to display the number of visitors on your website.
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Click on the buttons below to go to each page.



  Clicking on this button will take you to this manual.
  When you click the CLOSE button, you leave the editing mode for your website and return to the first page - which is the page you come to when you log in.
  This shows the version number of the tool. Any time we upgrade the system by adding new templates or functions, we update the version number.



The text editing toolbar

Click here or on the image to go to the toolbar’s own page.