Can I protect my pictures?

Users have asked us whether it is possible to protect pictures by preventing visitors from right-clicking on images.

Some web sites have made it impossible to right-click on images and download them. Although it is an attempt to make it more difficult to use the pictures, it does not in fact offer any real protection.
It merely gives a false sense of security.

First of all, you can never disable the Print Scrn button on the keyboard (this takes a picture of what is displayed on the screen). Second of all, web browsers download all the data that it shows. The data is stored in a temp catalogue on your hard drive. If visitors want the images, all they have to do is go to the temp catalogue and there they are.

You can use JavaScript to block the right-click function, but it is very easy to turn off JavaScript in a web browser setting and then save the picture.

Web browser Opera ignores all script that blocks the right-click feature, thereby providing another way to download images from your website.


So what can I do?

The best way to protect your pictures is to have a copyright text or a watermark on the picture itself.

Edit pictures in a photo editing software and write directly on the picture that it is copyright protected and that you own the picture. Then upload the picture to your website.
On your website, you can explain whether pictures are for sale, if use of the photos requires your consent, or any other terms you may have.

If you want to watermark your photos, visit this site


Disable right-click

Paste this script in your website to block right-click.


Again - This offers no protection. This is only a source of irritation for those who want to download your pictures and is a clear statement that you do not want them to do so.

Copy the text in the above file and paste in the HTML position for the page you want to "Disable right-click". Paste it at the very bottom of the HTML field to make sure you do not break any other code.
Read here how to paste in HTML code.

TIPS! If you want this to apply for all the pages in your website, insert the code in the Copyright field. This way, you only have to add it once, but it will apply to all your pages.