Link tips

Below are a few links to sites we like and sites we believe you will like too. If you know of any websites that are particularly good when building a website, please share.



Tips for registering your own domain name

Below are a few domain registers that can help you register your own domain name.
Check them out and compare prices to see which one is best for you.







For information about your domain (or other domains)

  Look up information about all domains here.



For more statistics about your website

  Provides great diagrams and presents statistics in many different ways. Excellent!



A good web browser and a good email program

  You can download both Firefox and Thunderbird free of charge here.
We recommend both.
  Firefox is a more stable and reliable web browser
than Internet Explorer, for instance.
  Thunderbird is an excellent mail client and a
much better alternative than Outlook, for instance.



Goody bag


  Forums, mailing lists, and more.


  If you want to protect your photos, this page can help you to add watermarks to your pictures.
For details on how to protect your pictures, read more here.


  This is free software that you can use to edit your photos.
Install the program on your computer.


  This is a photo editing software that you use online and do not need to install.


  An online photo album that helps you create snazzy slideshows.


  Design your own forms.


  Design your own forms.


  YouTube has countless video clips. Anyone can upload their clips to YouTube, which means you will find anything and everything here.  For instructions on how to add your favorite YouTube videos to your website, read here.


  Want to know what time it is on the other side of the globe? This is the site for you. You can also design your own clock and upload it in your website.


  If you like things that sparkle, check out this site.


  Icons and images galore, many with a free for personal use license.
That means you can use them for free.


  This is a site filled with lots of fun things.
Great photos, you can write your own brilliant texts,
draw your own pictures, and more. The list is endless.
You also get an HTML code that you paste in your website.


  This site has loads of different fonts. Do not use the font to write directly in your website - use it for pictures and photos instead. The computer that views your website must have the same font installed in order to display things as you intended. If the computer does not have the same font, it will substitute a different one so that while everything looks fine to you, it may not look fine to anyone else. However, pictures you make look the same, regardless of which computer views your website.


  Here is another site with loads of free fonts.