This button gives you a quick view of the most recent incoming messages and comments to your website (comments that visitors have written on your site). If you use the comments must be approved feature, you also have the APPROVE button and can approve directly in the quick view.

Visitors can comment on an image in an image gallery or a blog entry and in your guestbook. It is up to you whether they can post a comment or not in Gallery manager and Blog manager.

The most recent incoming messages are highlighted directly in the blog and guestbook as well.


Unread messages

When there are new unread messages, the icon changes and a little exclamation point followed by a figure in parenthesis (indicates the number of new messages) appears.

A frame appears around each page that receives a comment. Headings inside the frame are the same as the name of the page in the sidebar.

The DELETE button is always visible so you can delete messages immediately if you want.
The APPROVE button is visible if you have chosen the setting that all comments must be approved on this page.