Music on websites

There are loads of online music players that you can add to your website to play music. In this section, I will share an example in which you choose the MP3 song.

Start by uploading the MP3 song to your website’s file area where all uploaded files are stored.

Important! It is extremely important that the file name of your MP3 song is correct. If not, you will have problems.

  • No spaces in the file name.
  • Avoid foreign characters. Use only the Latin alphabet a-z.
  • Numbers 0-9 are OK.
  • Use only lowercase letters in the name.
  • Hyphens - and underlining _ are OK (instead of spaces).
  • Use only one single decimal point in the file name. This should appear between the name of the file and the file suffix, like this: your-music.mp3

Your MP3 song can be uploaded in two ways. Either use the Filearea page function, or create a link that goes to your MP3 song. When you have completed all the steps, the MP3 song will be uploaded and you can delete the page with the Filearea, or the link.

Get the text file with the HTML code you need for your MP3 player here:

The code looks like this:

<!-- The HTML code for my MP3 player starts here -->
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="27" src="" quality="best" wmode="window" flashvars="playerMode=embedded&amp;autoPlay=true" bgcolor="#ffffff"></embed>
<!-- The HTML code for my MP3 player ends here -->


Find the text in the code that says "your-music-file.mp3" and enter the file’s correct name for the MP3 song that you have uploaded to your website.
It is extremely important that you do not delete any of the surrounding code. Make sure you only change "your-music-file.mp3".

When your code looks right and the file is uploaded, all you have to do is insert the code in your website. Read more about how you insert HTML code in your website.

The final result looks like this: