How do I get on Google’s hit list?

Before you can show up on Google’s hit list, Google has to be able to find your website. The best way to make sure that Google finds you is to add your site to Din Studio's categories.
Google will see the link to your website and eventually add it to its hit list.

Google is slow to update its lists. It can take a few weeks before your website shows up there.


What can I do to climb Google’s hit list?

Google rates websites in three ways:

  1. The contents of the website
  2. The number of links that lead to the website
  3. Good image names and captions

The text must be related to the search words you want to be found on in Google. For instance, if you want your website to appear in a search for "garden gnomes", you must use the term "garden gnomes" many times in your website. Most importantly, it is good to use key terms in headings and menu alternatives. A good title is important too.

You can also get a high rating from Google if you make sure that many other websites have links that lead to your website. You can also share information about your new website in guestbooks and online forums. Google will eventually see all the links to your website and give your site a higher ranking.

Images that you upload to your website should have captions that are descriptive. For instance, the image at the bottom is entitled google-sponsored-links.gif and the caption is "Google Sponsored links".


What can I do to make my website visible in Din Studio’s categories?

To register your website in one of DinStudio's categories, log in and press SELECT CATEGORY. There you can choose in which categories you want to appear and fill out a brief description of your website's contents.

The more you work on your website and update the contents, the higher on the list your site climbs.


Sponsored links

There’s something called sponsored links, which means you buy search terms from Google. The section framed in red in the image below contains sponsored sites while those not framed in red are the actual hits.

Many companies offer the option to buy search terms, but be careful. Not all companies are serious.

You can buy search terms directly from Google. Click here or on the image to register at Google. Try different terms to determine which ones you want to be associated with.


Occasionally, people ask where to enter meta keywords or meta description.
You cannot add tags to the website because that part of the code is locked in the website’s template.
It doesn’t really matter, since Google does not use them, or very seldom at least. Here is a brief video from Google that explains the procedure: